Beats (2019)

  • Drama, Music, Indie, Scotland
  • 1h 41m

Johnno and Spanner are two teenagers living in 1994 Livingston. They are close friends with a passion for techno music. But their lives are veering in different directions. Johnno’s parents are planning to move elsewhere, while Spanner sees no escape from the torment of his older brother. With their friendship threatened, the two decide to enjoy one last night together at an illegal rave, a journey of full of freedom and rebellion that they will never forget.

Executive produced by Oscar-winning direct Steven Soderbergh, this coming-of-age drama delves into strengths of teenage friendship, and the hardships of growing up.

“a terrific little film that combines the earthy humour and honesty of a Shane Meadows movie with an unexpected expressionistic section” The Observer

“hits all the right notes: an ode not just to human gatherings but to youth itself” TimeOut

“an ecstasy-fueled barnstormer that somehow manages to thread the needle between “Trainspotting” and “Superbad” (with a little “Footloose” sprinkled in there for good measure)” IndieWire


Brian Welsh





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