Eye of the Storm (2021)

  • Documentary, Biography, Scotland, Art, Painting
  • 1h 18m

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We’ve included this documentary, first seen at the Glasgow Film Festival 2021, in our Films We Love category. Screen Machine team member, Robert, says: “I met Jimmy Morrison once; a real gentleman and a visionary artist. Director Anthony Baxter (You’ve Been Trumped) has created one of the most insightful and beautiful artist portraits I’ve ever seen.”

Scottish painter James Morrison is considered one of the UK’s finest landscape painters. His paintings include the Glasgow shipyards, France, and even the Arctic wilderness, with many of them on display in museums, galleries, and even in Royal households. But as he enters his twilight years, he has to face a gruelling prospect for any visual artist - his eyesight is failing. Looking back on his life and career, James sets forth to make one final masterpiece, all the while contemplating the changing landscapes of the world and his own mortality.

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“a fitting tribute to a remarkable artist and unique character” Backseat Mafia


Anthony Baxter




United Kingdom, Scotland

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1h 18m

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