Falling (2020)

  • Drama
  • 1h 52m

Willis is in the early stages of dementia. Unable to run his farm on his own, he moves to Los Angeles to live with his son John, his partner Eric, and their daughter Mónica. Willis is a traditional man from a bygone era, and his growing dementia makes him say what used to go unsaid, opening old wounds, forcing him and his son to confront their past. But with Willis refusing to change his ways, John is unsure they’ll be able to put aside their differences and find common ground.

This directorial debut by Viggo Mortensen offers a tough yet touching depiction of a family dealing with the hardships of dementia, and its effects on our relationships and memory. Mortensen and Lance Henriksen offer captivating performances as John and Willis.

“a deeply personal examination of human fragility” IndieWire

“Lance Henriksen gives the performance of his career as an emasculated father facing dementia, but it’s writer-director-star Viggo Mortensen who makes the film’s universal themes resonate so strongly.” Variety

“elegantly distilling some painful truths for anyone who has ever had a complicated relationship with a parent” Empire




United States