Hot Fuzz (2007)

  • Action, Comedy, Mystery
  • 2h 1m

Nicholas Angel is one of London’s best police officers. He’s so good that he makes the rest look bad, and a promotion to sergeant comes with a relocation to the quiet and idyllic town of Sandford. Alongside his action movie-loving new partner Danny, they spend most of their time tracking down escaped geese and checking fake IDs. But the seemingly crime-free Sandford has a suspiciously high number of ‘accidents’, leading Angel to suspect that the town is harbouring a dark secret.

The second film in Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, this action comedy pays homage to many of cinema’s greatest escapades with sharp and silly humour mixed in with explosive action sequences.

“a straight-faced British spoof of everything from Yank crimers and slasher pics to Agatha Christie whodunits” Variety

“Hot Fuzz is everything an action-comedy should be” The AV Club


Edgar Wright






UK, France

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