Incident at Loch Ness (2004)

  • Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • 1h 34m

Incident at Loch Ness is a fictional account of a film crew who make a documentary that’s less about Nessie herself, and more about the phenomenon of believing in her. Leading the crew is Werner Herzog, genius of German cinema. Once the crew has travelled from Hollywood to Loch Ness, tensions start to arise when the untested Producer makes decisions that should have been left to the Director. At the same time, a documentary is being made about Herzog.

This is a film about fact and fiction - about what’s real and what’s imagined. Filmed on location in Fort Augustus and the area.

This film does not have a BBFC cert. We estimate that it is a 12A cert, due to its brief strong language.

“Clever and amusing mockumentary.” New York Post

“A truly original work, and a very cheeky one at that filled with end-to-end laughter. It plays off Herzog’s own legend as a behind-the-camera wild card.” Movie Views


Zak Penn







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