Military Wives (2020)

  • Comedy, Drama
  • 1h 52m

This is one film we programmed for Screen Machine right before our break in March 2020. With the introduction of Small Screen Machine, we’re delighted we’re now able to still offer it to you as part of our service.

Kate and Lisa are the spouses of two service personnel. Living on the barracks, they spend their days organising day-to-day events for troops and other spouses while their partners are deployed overseas. After they decide to form a singing group, the two clash over what songs they’ll sing. But between their disagreements, bonds start to form, and the prospect of them performing on one of the biggest stages soon becomes a reality.

Based on a true story, and by the director of The Full Monty, this feel-good dramedy will have you laughing and crying in equal parts. While you’ll want to sing along to its electrifying numbers, it shows how music can bring people together and help spouses deal with their partners heading off to war.

“hits all the right notes” Mark Kermode

“a familiar, entertaining hymn to the power of people coming together in adversity” Empire

“emotional and thoroughly British feelgood ­comedy drama” The Mirror


Peter Cattaneo







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