The Bike Thief (2020)

  • Drama, Thriller
  • 1h 19m

In London, a Romanian couple struggle to provide for their children. Their moped is everything - it takes the kids to school, the mother to her cleaning job, and the father uses it to deliver pizzas at night. When it is stolen after a tough night, everything teeters towards the edge. The father has 24 hours to find or replace it before his next shift begins. Desperate and tired, how far will he go to solve this crisis?

Featuring strong performances and beautiful cinematography of London, this gritty thriller shows how one mishap can jeopardise the lives of those living from day-to-day.

In English and Romanian with English subtitles.

“a stand-out, very grounded affair worthy of your attention” The Hollywood News

“an involving story about surviving in an unforgiving world” Screen Daily


Matt Chambers