The Father (2021)

  • Drama
  • 1h 37m

This highly-acclaimed drama starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman picked up Oscars and BAFTAs for its screenplay and Hopkins’ leading performance.

Anthony is an elderly widower living on his own. He receives visits from his daughter Anne, who suggests it’s time he moves into a nursing home. Anthony refuses since he can quite clearly take care of himself. But not everything is fine with Anthony. Details are fuzzy, he’s prone to sudden mood swings, and memories intertwine. As things start to unravel, Anthony loses track of who is who, or whose flat he’s in, finding himself lost in a circular and confusing world.

Adapted from the play Le Père by director Florian Zeller, this moving and heartbreaking drama places us in the head of a person living with dementia, using subtle and clever techniques so you’re never quite sure where or when you are.

“full of intelligent performances, disorienting time slips and powerful theatrical effects” The Guardian

“Anthony Hopkins delivers a tour-de-force performance” Variety

“a claustrophobic and powerful account of living with dementia” The Telegraph


Florian Zeller






France, UK


Trademark Films, Lionsgate

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